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City Electricity

The Mayor and City Council post items to this page to share with the public concerning the City's Electrical System.

On May 21, 2015 the Mayor and Council approved a motion for the City Manager to seek proposals from Qualified, Professional CPA Firms to conduct a comprehensive audit and a specific use audit to: examine the city's electric rates, expenditures, and revenues to determine the adequacy of the current electrical rate structure relative to the city's budget structure.  see  more at the agenda under Item 1 of Old Business on the 150521 Agenda.

Major Home Appliances That Consume The Most Electricity (per hour)

The following graph, posted on Forbes Magazine's website, shows a list of electrical appliances that use or consume electricty -
even when they are turned off. 
The full article, "Top 26 Home Energy Hogs-'Turned Off'",
can be viewed here

What are Watts?

Watts is a measure of power (technically, Joules/second) analogous to speed (miles/hour). So you need to convert the power into energy (like speed into distance). Here's an easy conversion factor: if a device draws 1 watt constantly for a year, then its energy consumption was 9 kWh.

So, when the chart says 5 watts, that's 5 x 9 = 45 kWh/year. You'll quickly see that almost any single device consumes very little in annual electricity use but, when multiplied by 40+ products, the sum is significant.

The only way to stop these stealthy devices, engergy hogs/engery vampires, from adding to your monthly bill - is to unplug them from the wall outlet.


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Here's another site you can take a look at, by the International Association of Home Inspectors, that makes recommendations on how to reduce consumption, save energy, and save money.