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City of Coleman Municipal Court and Truancy Court



Making your appearance date:

The Coleman Municipal Court utilizes a "Walk-in Docket", meaning that while defendants are given a required appearance date at the time of citation; the defendant can appear prior to that given date and time.

The court office is open from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Closed on holidays and during the noon hour.

A defendant may appear in various ways, other than in-person a the physical court location.  In-person is one method, while others include: by fax, by regular mail, or now - by email.  A defendant can not appear by phone; however, he or she can call ahead to get more information from the court prior to appearing in one of the various methods described above.  In each acceptable method, one thing is in common - the appearance must be in writing.  If you select the "Contact" tab, then you will find the email link.

Financial Admonishment regarding Hardships:

ALL DEFENDANTS unable to pay the ENTIRE FINE AND COURT COSTS WHEN SENTENCED are REQUIRED to CAREFULLY READ and ACKNOWLEDGE the following: TODOS los DEFENDIENTES sin capacidad de pagar  LA MULTA COMPLETA Y LOS COSTOS de CORTE despues de la sentencia, NECESITARAN LEER completamente y RECONOCER lo siguente:

 I, the undersigned, acknowledge that until my fines and courts costs are paid in full, I agree to notify the Court of any changes in my personal financial situation that will likely interfere with my ability to pay the fine and court costs in the manner ordered by the Judge. Yo, el infrascrito, reconozco que hasta que mis multas y el costo de corte son completamente pagados yo estoy de acuerdo en notificar a este juzgado de cualquier cambio en mi situacion financiera o personal que interfiera con mi capacidad de pagar la multa y costos de corte en la manera ordenada por el Juez.

 It is my responsibility to keep the Court informed of my ability to pay the fine and court costs.  It is my responsibility to keep the Court informed in the event of financial hardship. Es mi responsabilidad de informar  a este juzgado de mi capacidad de pagar la multa y los costos de la corte.  Es mi responsabilidad de informar a este juzgado en caso de dificultades economicas. 

Depending on the situation, I understand that the Judge may be able to offer me other ways to pay or earn credit towards my fine and court costs.    For the Judge to consider such circumstances, and to avoid the possibility of being arrested, I am required to provide timely and sufficient proof to the Court.   Dependiendo en la situacion, yo comprendo que el juez podra ofrecerme otras maneras de recivir  or ganar credito hacia la multa y los costos de corte.  Para que el juez considere la circumstancia, y para evitar la posibilidad de ser detenido, yo necesito proveer suficientes y oportunas pruebas a este juzgado.

Select the "Forms" tab above to see the Application for Indigency.

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