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This summer the Coleman Public Library is going to…


Coleman County children are invited to “Build a Better World” in the community and to feel they are making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.  This summer, we have the chance to do something really big and truly wonderful.

Coleman Public Library joins the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), a grassroots consortium of states working together to provide public libraries with high-quality summer reading program materials for children and teens.

To kick off the event Friends of the Library will have a special program on Registration Day, June 7th starting at 9:00 am. “Build a Better World Magic Show” by Rodney Rash will begin at 10:00 am.  His show is a 45 minute interactive show for all ages.  Tons of audience participation to help children build a better world through creativity and community involvement.  In all of his programs, Rodney emphasizes the importance of reading and the important role that libraries play in the community.  Friends will provide refreshments.  Registration will continue throughout the day.  Last day to register will be June 14th.



June 14th and June 21st will be program days.  Starting at 9:30 in the morning 1st & 2nd grades will meet, and 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will meet at 10:30 am.  The (little folks) Toddler – Kindergarten will meet at 2:00 pm.  Committee chairman for these age groups are Dixie Bible, Sandra Rose and Sarah Beal.


The Youth Book Club will be chaired by Bridget Wakefield.  She has selected the book “The False Prince” by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  Teens will have book discussions each Wednesday and work on a special project for the community to be announced later.  Meeting time will be 11:00 am each Wednesday.

June 28th will be Awards Day at 10:00 am.  Those that turn in their reading sheets will receive their Reading Certificates and coupons from local businesses.  The top five readers will be announced and grand prizes will be drawn for each group.  Friends will provide a “Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae” for refreshments.

Each child that registers June 7th will receive an event calendar and their reading requirement sheet.

Don’t miss out on a great time at the library.  For more information on the summer reading program, call the circulation desk during regular library hours 325-625-3043. 

The IRS has launched a “Get Ready” communications and outreach campaign to educate as many taxpayers as possible about steps they can take in December regarding changes that could affect their ability to timely file their tax returns and get their refunds as quickly as possible. See for more details. In addition to traditional media, the IRS will use Thunderclap, a crowd speaking social media platform, to rally IRS partners and stakeholders in spreading the “Get Ready” message.

 Thunderclap is a great way you can add your support to this effort to reach as many people as possible with the “Get Ready” message. If you have a Twitter, Facebook or TUMBLR account, please sign up today to use your social media platforms to push out the Get Ready message on December 13. That message will also automatically be shared with your social media followers and theirs as well. Think of it as a massive flash mob on social media. It is completely safe and will automatically post exactly one message on your own social media account.

Here’s how to sign up for the Get Ready Thunderclap:

1.)   Follow this link: 

2.)   Click on “Support with” and choose Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler

3.)   Authorize Thunderclap to post this 1-time message to your social media platform by clicking on the “Add My Support” tab.  You will need to input your Social Media username and password.   

You will see the message:
When we have 100 or more participants, the message will be set to go out on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, at 11:30 a.m. EST. It will blast out automatically from each organization and person that backed the cause which in turn reaches every one of their friends, followers and beyond…all at the same time. Thunderclap will amplify the message throughout all social media.

 We aim to flood Twitter, Facebook and TUMBLR with this message:

# Get Ready Now…make sure you have everything you need to do your #taxes.

There isn’t any easier way to help get the word out about these important tax law changes. The more people who sign up, the “louder” our Thunderclap will be.

 Thank you for your consideration and continued partnership.

The Coleman Community Coalition 4-B Board and the Coleman Public Library are proud to bring you BRAINFUSE!

Dr. Ward Lane has left signed copies of his book "Whiskers" at the library for purchase, available during library hours. The book cost $25 and all proceeds goes the Friends of the Library. 

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