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This summer the Coleman Public Library is going to…


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Awards Day

2017 Summer Reading Program

The Coleman Public Library concluded its Summer Reading Program and Youth Book Club “Build a Better World” on June 28th, 2017 @ 10:00 am in the Library Community room.  The program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), a consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading programs.  Next year the theme will be “Libraries Rock!” (Music).  

Librarian Sue Dossey gave a short program to those 98 in attendance for the Awards Program.  Plans for the Summer Reading Program began this year in February with a book/bake sale. All proceeds go towards the reading program to help pay for the children book bags, arts and crafts activities, programs and the Grand Prizes.  Those returning their reading logs and completing their reading requirements receive a reading certificate and coupons from local businesses.  One free swim pass from the City of Coleman, one free ice cream cone from Coleman Dairy Queen, one free personal pan pizza from Coleman Pizza Hut, one free drink from Coleman Best Fried Chicken and one free drink from Owl Drug Store.  The Friends of the Library would also like to thank the following businesses and organizations for additional donations to the reading program: Coleman County State Bank, Grammer’s, Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Coleman Interbank, Make Ray, Cecil & Herma Jean Johnson, Coleman Veterinary Clinic, Shoppin Baskit Food Center, Inc., Coleman Chronicle & Democrat Voice, Clean Blast Services, Inc., Tyson Pharmacy, Ron & Diane Owens and Coleman County Medical Center.

A total of 149 children signed up for the reading program and a total of 74 completed. 

The library kicked the program off on June 7th 2017 at 9:00 am with registration and a special program “Build a Better World Magic Act” performed by Rodney Rash.  Story Hour was presented on June 14th & 21st.  Committee members provided a guessing game to guess how many Lego pieces were in a jar.  The winner of the guessing game was Kaci Garrett.  She guessed 1,120 pieces and there was 1,105 pieces in the jar.  Congratulations Kaci!  She won a 3-d World Puzzle. 

 The Friends also provided a coloring contest.  A boy and girl were chosen from the different age groups won a box of LEGO© Creative Bricks.  Winners are:


Girl – Piper Tammany

Boy – Jim Bob Culwell

1st & 2nd Grades

Girl – Mazzy Smiley

Boy – Quinn Tammany

3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

Girl – Kaci Garrett

Boy – Mason Danek

 The Friends also gave a prize of $15 for the Youth Book Club Winner Coloring Contest.  Winner was Navaeh Eldred.  Congratulations to all these winners!

The program was then turned over to Committee Chairman’s for the Reading Age Groups.

Sarah Beal – Toddler/Pre-K/Kindergarten, Dixie Bible – 1st & 2nd Grades, Sandra Rose – 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades and Bridgett Wakefield – Youth Book Club.  Top readers were announced and a Grand Prize tickets to “LEGO LAND” in Grapevine, Texas were drawn.  

Sarah Beal, Friends of the Library member, announced she had twenty to sign up and 13 to complete.  The groups had fun with story time, and activities included writing on sand paper, making a tool belt, making rain bottles and watching rain fall from a cloud. 

Grand Prize Winner in the Toddler/Pre-K/Kindergarten - Finley Tammany!

Dixie Bible, Friends of the Library President, was in charge of the 1st & 2nd Grades.  A total of 80 children registered and 31 turned in their reading logs.  Mona Turner, Library Advisory Board Chairman, assisted Dixie with story time and their craft activity.  At the first program children were given bags of different colored sticks and encouraged to build something with the sticks.  The second program the children were allowed to take their creations home. 

Top Readers in the 1st & 2nd Grades were:

Joie Wise, Makenna Edwards, Grady Dawson, Laryn Jones, Quinn Tammary, Josephine Cunningham, Bridgette Faries and Miley Fikes. 

Grand Prize winner of LEGO© Land Tickets – Miley Fikes!

 Sandra Rose, Library Advisory Board Member, chaired the 3rd, 4th & 5th grades.  Sandra reported her group had fun reading the story “Iggy Peck Architect” by Andrea Beaty.  First program they made towers out of balloons, straw and tape and the second program tables were pulled out and the kids had fun building a bridge from one table to other out of straws and tape.

Top Readers in the 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades were:

Cali Beal (with 98 books!), Kaci Garrett, Mason Danek, Jeri Kateland Martin, Andrea Phillips, Ceairah Eldred, Addi Dawson, Owen Zhu, Caleb Keeney, Baryn Vann and Anthany Huddleston.

Grand Prize winner of LEGO© Land Tickets – Addi Dawson!

 Bridgett Wakefield, Library Advisory Board Member, chaired the Youth Book club.  This year the group read “The False Prince” by Jennifer Nielson.  They held book discussions and used the computer lab to build their own family name “Coat of Amour”.  Those participating in the book club were: Sierra Brown, Sarah Bingham, John Koch, Marissa Bales, Vallyn Rosales, Hunter lackey, Gabby Solice, Ilsy Villanueva, Selena Rincon, Naomi Osorio, Daniel Vasquez, A. J. Phillips, Natalie rose and Navaeh Eldred.

Hunter Lackey was the lucky winner with two tickets to “Medieval Times” in Dallas, Texas.

Other Friends of the Library members to help with the program were: Dora Newman, Linda Burns, Sue Shields and Katherine Hollis.

Next year’s Summer Reading Program will be “Libraries Rock!” (Music)

A list of those completing the program are:

Finley Tammany, Piper Tammany, Jack Wise, Patton Jones, Harper Jones, Maheyli Lemons, Parker Danek, Kaeden Vickers, Daxlynn Hronek, Isa Cunningham, Jessica Fenton, Jason Fenton, Grady Dawson, Joie Wise, Aiden Solis, Heidi Webb, Olivia Lester, Emmanuel Carrillo, Isaac Guerrero, Gwenith Diaz, Mason Leek, Enrique Mata, Dezmond Holloway, Avery Van Pelt, Tanner Corgil, Maya Salas, Sujeily Villanueva, MaKenna Edwards, Nicholas Mellor, Quinn Tammany, Laryn Jones, Josephine Cunningham, Madison Lester, Navaeh Lakosky, Marius Findley, Isabella Leija, Savannah Hurtado, Miguel Quinonez, Miley Fikes, Brynley Hughes, Kyla Holloway, Bridgette Faries, Kayanna Morgan, Sarah Moran, Andrea Phillips, Jeri Kateland Martin, Cali Beal, Mason Danek, Kaci Garrett, Lexi McKinley, Natalie Guerrero, Vicky Guerrero, Isaiah Mata, Addi Dawson, Ceairah Eldred, Owen Zhu and Caleb Keeney.

Back row: Kaci Garrett, Quinn Tammany, Cali Beal, Anthany Huddleston, Emily Bowden, Miley Fikes, Bridgette Faries, McKenna Edwards, Addilynn Dawson, Ceairah Eldred, Nevaeh Eldred.  Front row: Sujeily Villanueva, Gwenith Diaz, Piper Tammany, Jolie wise, Laryn Jones, Jeri Kateland Martin

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The Coleman Community Coalition 4-B Board and the Coleman Public Library are proud to bring you BRAINFUSE!

Dr. Ward Lane has left signed copies of his book "Whiskers" at the library for purchase, available during library hours. The book cost $25 and all proceeds goes the Friends of the Library. 

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